Works Completed
Ilketshall St. Andrew & St. John

A County Wildlife Site and area of historic importance

Works Completed

  • 2020
  • 22nd July. Trial harrowing undertaken today as detailed in Management Plan.
  • 21st July. Annual hay cut completed with Blacksmiths Common cut and baled.
  • 30th June. Routine maintenance strimming around specific access points, pond fronts, information boards and benches.
  • 15th June. Pond surveys carried out.
  • 8th June. Third cut of permissive pathways.
  • 14th May. Second cut of permissive pathways.
  • 13th May. Routine maintenance strimming around selected access points, pond fronts, information boards and benches.
  • 13th May. Targeted spot spraying for thistles on Great Common.
  • April. First cut of permissive pathways.
  • The overwintered uncut areas were cut and baled at the end of April.
  • 2019
  • Volunteers cleared along Great Common Lane between the village sign and Hawthorn Farm.
  • Grass flailed at The Mardle.
  • Grass strimmed when required around selected pond fronts, benches and information boards.
  • Permissive pathways kept cut between April and September.
  • Volunteers made and installed oak benches on Peardyke Common, Blacksmiths Common and Great Common South.
  • Access points strimmed in readiness for hay cut.
  • Volunteers cleared overhanging and dangerous trees along Tooks Common Lane.
  • Annual hay cut started on 1st July.
  • High species late cut completed August.
  • Flailing and hedgerow management commenced late October.
  • Volunteers replaced all seven of the information boards at various locations.