General News
Ilketshall St. Andrew & St. John

A County Wildlife Site and area of historic importance

General News

  • 2022
  • 3rd July. The annual hay cut was started.
  • June. Orchids flowering on Holdens Common.
  • 26th June. Village Open Gardens.
  • 7th May. Cuckoo heard over Great Common.
  • The AGM of the Land Management Company will be held at 7.00pm on Monday 14th February. Due to the ongoing Covid issues the intention is to hold this meeting by Zoom. If you would like to attend contact one of the Board members,or send an e-mail via ( and we will send you the joining details.
  • 2021
  • The management of the over-wintered area on Great Common has resulted in a lovely display of Devil’s-bit Scabious. Click on the Gallery to see the photo’s.
  • The grass cut from the commons yielded 77% more than last year.
  • The annual hay cut commenced on the 14th July and first indications are for a high yield.
  • At the AGM the question of managing habitat to protect Sneezewort and Devil’s-bit scabious was highlighted. As a result, and following an on-site meeting, an area running parallel to Great Common Lane, between the Village Hall and the track leading to English Cottage, will be left as over-wintered.
  • The AGM of the Land Management Company was held on the 15th February by Zoom.
  • 2020
  • 140 questionnaires were distributed to households in the two Parishes in November 2020. The object was to gain an insight as to views for the long-term objectives of the Commons. A total of 32 responses were received, representing a response rate of almost 23%. An analysis of the questionnaire can be viewed by following the link.
  • The yield of hay/grass was down on 2019 but not to the extent as reported previously.
  • If you are interested in attending a volunteer work party please contact Chris Roberts or any of the LMC directors.
  • A final bench seat will be installed on Great Common North during the winter months.
  • Unauthorised flailing of some verges and ditches has been noticed on Great Common. Such works can jeopardise Stewardship Agreements and be harmful to wildlife. Persons responsible are reminded such work is not permitted.
  • Monitoring by Waveney Bird Club indicates Barn Owls have successfully bred on the Commons this year.
  • First indications are that grass yields are down 50% on last year.
  • The annual hay cut commenced on 4th July.
  • April/May has seen Green-winged Orchids flowering.
  • The grass pathways around the commons are due their first cut by the end of April. During May strimming will be done around bench seats, information boards and some gateways.
  • In January applications from any Commoner or Parishioner were invited to become a Director on the ‘Board’ of the Land Management Company. The only applications received were from the current officers who were duly re-elected by the Commoners Association and the Parish Council.
  • Our AGM was held at the Village Hall on 17th February.