Ilketshall St. Andrew & St. John

A County Wildlife Site and area of historic importance


The Commons provide many an opportunity for the photographer with panoramic landscapes, big skies and the chance of capturing a Barn Owl in flight or maybe even the secretive Stoat. In the summer months carpets of Buttercups, drifts of Oxeye Daisy and the delicate Early Purple Orchid offer the chance of catching that special moment every photographer dreams of.

We invite you to submit photographs for inclusion within the Gallery by forwarding them via our email address. Whilst we will endeavour to display all entries we are unable to guarantee their use. Please ensure images submitted relate directly to the Commons and are 3000 x 2000 approximately in size. Also include a brief description of where and when the photo’ was taken and any other relevant information.

To view an enlarged version of the image scroll over the image and left-click the image.